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So if you came online looking for some birthday wishes, I assume someone around you is going to get a bit older soon. I mean we are all getting older and older every second, but there is only one day in a year when we are getting a cake to celebrate this fact (or to eat away the pain…).

For many people, this day is actually way more difficult than they would like to admit and the only things that make it bearable (and even fun, occasionally) are birthday wishes coming in from all directions. So do you want your friends and relatives (or whoever else you are going to congratulate) to have a birthday to remember as one of the greatest days in their lives, or do you want them to spend it thinking about the shortness of life and the unavoidable death?

I do not doubt that I already have an answer to this question… If you are sending somebody greetings, that is because you want to make them smile. If I am right (and I don’t really doubt that), you landed on the right website. Right here you are going to find a variety of birthday wishes! Some of them will be really sensitive, poetic, moving, and might even bring a tear into your eye. The others will make you burst into laughs.

Thus no matter whether you are going to congratulate your best friend of your boss, your lover or your grandmother, a philosopher or a stand-up comedian, I am sure that here on this website you will find something that meets all of your requirements.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to copy our suggestions word by word. Use our database as a source of inspiration and don’t be afraid to improvise! I am sure you have a wonderful imagination (even if you don’t know it yet) and as soon as you close your eyes and think about that person the words are going to flow out.

OK, this might not work if you barely know the person you are going to congratulate and he does not actually mean that much to you. But if he is your dear friend, I am sure you already know what you want to say, you just have to find the right words to express your emotion.

I hope our suggestions for birthday wishes will help you do exactly this!