Birthday wishes for lover

birthday wishes for lover

Thanks for using this database of birthday wishes for lover! Love does the strangest things with us and here is one of them: it makes us memorize every move and every word the person makes or says. If you are currently in love with somebody, you probably remember the way he looked the first time you so him, what were the first phrases you have exchanged and even what the weather was like on that day. Moreover, I bet you remember things not only about him, but also about his friends and family. For example, my ex-boyfriend has once told me that his mother loves sweets with marzipan. We have not been together for three years now and for reasons unknown, I still remember this stupid fact!
What I am trying to say here is that whatever your birthday wish is, your lover will probably keep it in memory for years to come. This is why you can’t send him a greeting like “Happy birthday, dear! XOXO”. You must find the words that would be worth to remember and make your relationship even stronger than it is today. I believe that our database of birthday wishes for lover will help you achieve this goal!

I have never met a person as sweet as you in my whole life. Let's celebrate your sweetness and your Birthday by eating sweet cake and drinking sweet wine!

Did you hear a light tap on your shoulder this midnight? It wasn't Santa Claus, it was me wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

I love you so much more today than yesterday, but not even a tenth of what I'll feel tomorrow. Happy birthday, my love! Read more at

The easiest thing I ever did was not falling in love with you. It’s been staying in love with you ever since. Happy birthday! I love you.

I’m really blessed to have you in my life, as nothing could be more special than the day when you came into this world. So thank you and a very happy birthday to a very special person.

I wish you happy birthday wishes and I look forward to making your birthday a very special and unforgettable day! Get ready for a special gift on a special day, my boyfriend.

There is no present good enough to show you how much I love you, so for your birthday I give you my heart.

Happy Birthday to the most sweetest and sugary person ever I know, have an awesome day ahead and stay blessed, happy birthday!

May god bless you with a successful life, good health and warm wishes on your birthday. I hope these blessings make your day even more special! Enjoy and have a blast!

On your birthday, let me remind you once more that my heart belongs to you. Let my love overflow upon you on your birthday. Happy Birthday

If I have only one choice to live two days, I would wish you love me one day and the other day I will love you. Happy Birthday Sweet Heart.

I have a special place in my heart reserved for you - and it grows a little larger every day we spend together. Happy Birthday.

Sweet, smart, good looking, funny. I could go on and on listing the ways that I think that you are great. And you would probably just sit there and let me too. How about if I just say Happy Birthday.

May you have all of the successes and achievement you want in life, I am always with you in all circumstances. Have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday To You

You are my dream in my sleep; You are my vision in my eye; You are my smile on my lips; You are beat of my heart; You are an angel in my prayer; You are light of my life; Happy Birthday, my love!

May you be blessed with happiness, success and unlimited joy on this special day.

Breathe for me! Don't wake me from this slumber! Stay with me! Possession taking over!

Don't take your eyes off the trigger. I'm not to blame if your world turns to black. As your eyes start to blister there's just no hope for our final embrace.

I love you and I want you to know how lucky I am to have you! Happy birthday Close your eyes make a wish and hope for all good things to come to you. Happy Birthday

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